Why largemouth bass won't bite!

by Casey Mclamb
(Grand Bay AL)

Q. I fish creek beds during the spawning season. I can see the male and female swimming together but they aren't interested in any of my bait?

A. Hi Casey, First of all make sure you approach the situation with an understanding of what you are up against.

As you said it is the spawning season and if you see the male and female swimming together then there isn't nothing but spawning on their mind and that is their primary focus.

Keeping this in mind fish your lures to aggravate and threaten largemouth bass not to present a meal to them because they just aren't interested in eating at that point. But they will strike if they feel a threat to their situation or their spawning area.

On that note use lures that mimic a natural enemy to bass spawn areas will help to get that strike. One popular one would be plastic lizards.

Hope that helps Casey and good luck with getting that bite.

Thanks for stopping by.


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