Bass Fishing Reels - Finding The Right Fit For You

There are some options when choosing bass fishing reels to pair up with your fishing rod or when looking for a rod and reel combo. Here is some info on the most common types of reels for bass fishing or any other fishing for that matter.

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Baitcast Reels

Spincast Reels

Spinnning Reels

Bait Casting Reel

This is the most difficult bass fishing reel to learn how to use but offers the most advantages in the way of accuracy and strength. Like the spin casters, they have a push button to release the line but that's where the similarities end.

You must build up your feel of this type of reel as it is guided by your thumb while the line is being cast out. Knowing how much pressure to apply and when to stop are learned skills and can vary from one bait caster to the next.

The most common problem for the inexperienced user is the dreaded back lash. There are ways to minimize this problem by adjusting the brake that comes on these reels but most of all learning to use these reels just involves practice but the payoff will be great once you get the hang of it.

Learn the 2 simple adjustments to make so you can easily use a baitcast reel.

Check out the baitcaster videos to get some insight into these outfits.

The Shimano Citica G is a great baitcast reel. Stop and check it out.

Check out our review of the Shimano Curado.

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Spincast reel

Spin Casting Reel

This is your basic fishing reel that most will be familiar with. There's a good chance that you fished with this type of reel when you first started out as a kid. This push button reel is probably the easiest to learn to use and manage which makes it ideal for the youngsters. Now this is not to say that adults can't or don't use this type of reel. There are plenty of people who just prefer spin casters and that is perfectly fine. Whatever works for you and is comfortable to use, then use it.

The spin caster works by pressing and holding the button to disengage the line from the spool and then releasing the button as you bring the rod forward for your cast. Once your line lands, you lock the reel by moving the reel handle until you hear a click. Reel in as normal with the handle whenever you are ready.

Spinning Reel

This is the most widely used type of reel and would be considered the next easiest to use after the spin caster. The spinning outfit is especially popular with those that like to still fish with dead or live bait. It is also the choice outfit for those anglers that enjoy surf fishing.

This reel hangs below the rod and reels line onto an open face spool that is perpendicular to the rod. It is used by flipping its bail open while holding on to the line then casting and reengaging the bail to reel in.

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