5 Simple Tips To Catch More Largemouth Bass

Tips for catching bass

The search never ends for the best largemouth bass fishing tips. But the reason the search doesn't end is because there are so many various techniques and bass fishing tactics from just as many people.

Everyone has their own bass fishing secret or technique that has worked for them, and probably many others. The key is don't get stuck to just one "professional" or "guru" sharing what has worked for him. Keep an open mind and search out as much information as you can, take notes, and most important of all practice what you have learned.

Here is our Top 5 largemouth bass fishing tips for those just getting started in bass fishing or for those that just want a refresher.

Huge Largemouth Bass

  1. Know your equipment
    In particular your rod and reel combo. Look, while a baitcasting reel is the popular choice of most seasoned bass anglers, you don't have to use one to catch lots of big bass. I say this because I spent so much time trying to make sure I knew how to use one when the whole time I was a pro myself with a spinning combo. If you want to have an enjoyable day fishing and catching bass then go with what you know. Plan some practice days when you know your focus will be more on learning your new rod and reel combo rather than catching fish. It will help you enjoy your day more.
  2. Learn how to tie a proper fishing knot
    This is very important and could mean the difference between pulling in that prize catch or just having a story about the one that got away. Going with a good monofilament or fluorocarbon line suited to your rod and reel and the bass you are going after, learn how to properly tie a knot to keep your sinkers, swivels and hook from being snatched and causing a heartache as you wonder what could have been. My recommendation is the Palomar knot but there are some others that are just as good. Check the knot tying videos to start learning.
  3. Bass fishing rigs
    Get to know the basic bass fishing rigs and how they work before you head out. How are they intended to work? How do you work them to provoke that strike? Don't overwhelm yourself with the details. The Carolina and Texas rig are great ways to present your soft plastics and will produce.
  4. Know your lures
    Do you know when and how to use that crankbait or that jig? How about hooking those Senkos you went out and bought because you hear everyone in the bass fishing world talking about them? Before you even buy your next bass lures make sure you understand how your selected lure works to provoke strikes and what your part is in provoking the strike. For me, starting out with some soft plastics on a Texas Rig is the way to go.
  5. Where and when to find bass
    Learn the Largemouth bass' habitat and how it responds to the conditions. Where can you expect to find your next trophy Largemouth? How does fall bass fishing differ from Summer?
summer largemouth bass

    These are just a few Largemouth Bass fishing tips to consider. You will catch bass if you work on gaining knowledge in these areas. In the end nothing beats experience so get out there and fish hard!

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