White Bass Fishing on Benbrook Lake

by R. Rodriguez
(Fort Worth, TX)

White Bass in the live well

White Bass in the live well

Got out to do some spring white bass fishing. Well actually we were looking for anything we could get into.

We did more scouting of the lake than fishing. We were headed back to the ramp when we decided to head to a cove we hadn't checked out yet.

We saw the white bass active near the mouth of creek at about 6:30 PM. We pulled one in using a minnow. Another with a lipless firetiger crank and the other 3 using roadrunner jigs with white grubs on the hooks.

Unfortunately my boats lights do not work so we had to leave soon after they were biting. I know there were more there to be taken but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Details of the conditions:
Temp: 83 degrees
Water Temp: 71 degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Water Depth: 4 to 4.5 foot
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Location: Grass line near the mouth of a creek

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Re: Limits
by: R Rodriguez

Yes sir or ma'am. We were cutting in close on that small one as it came in at 11 inches.

We had previously been catching some hybrids and some stripers at Texoma and had been a while since we caught sandies.

The small one was the first one we caught and I immediately was just going to toss it back because it appeared so small compared to the wipers and stripers we were getting used to.

But I went ahead and measured and saw that I was good.

Definitely a good point though. Make sure you know your local laws and regulations before you head out. Keep that book handy or keep the site bookmarked on your smart phone for easy reference.

One word of caution though, at least in Texas, once you put that fish in your livewell or on a stringer or bucket, you are taking possession of that fish meaning you can be breaking the law if you are checking to see if it is legal.

Its a good idea to check limits before you fish for any fish you know are in the lake that you may want to keep.

Thanks for the comments.

Texas White Bass Limit

Nice job getting into that school of white bass. Way to go!

Most websites won't take the time to provide what the conditions were like. It's a great way to keep a log for your fishing adventures for future references. One of the best at logging in every detail is the Hall of Fame bass fishing legend, Rick Clunn. His attention to detail is one of the main reasons why he was so great in his heyday.

I seen the question and answer submitted about the white bass limits in Kansas here...


...which sparked me to take another look at these fish.

The Texas statewide minimum size limit is 10 inches, except on Texoma and Toledo Bend Reservoir.

The small bass there on the right looks pretty close. But then again, it's often hard to tell from photographs.

Keep after 'em and good luck fellow bass fishing fanatics!

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