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I recently started bass fishing in a 700 acre water-shed lake near Chapel Hill, NC. The lake is normally 3-6 feet deep near the banks with the deepest part of the lake at 18ft. There is very little brush or cover in the lake with only an occasional fallen tree in the water. There are 4 bridges that cross the lake. My depth finder shows very little contour changes in the lake bottom.

This lake is considered a top ten bass lake in the state and people do catch bass regularly. Just not me. The lake record is 12lbs.

I have mostly stuck with rubber worms and an occasional spinner bait with no success.

I need help!!!



I guess the first thing that catches my attention about your situation is the fact that you say you mainly use plastic worms and an occasional spinnerbait.

I would definitely start trying out a variety of other fishing lures to see if you find something the fish will respond to better. Some crankbaits and jigs.

If you're set on using soft plastics, have you tried presenting the lure differently. One of my favorites is a dropshot rig with a wacky rigged worm. The motion of the worm tends to provoke strikes from the laziest of bass.

As far as structure goes, the lack of should play to your advantage. Keep working those bridge pilings and the few fallen tress you have in there with those new lures or rigs you plan on trying.

Another thing you may want to consider is planting your own structure or cover to attract the fish to a certain area. Brush piles or other man made structure placed in strategic areas of a lake lacking its own structure should attract bass looking for cover that is already limited. Plus you are at advantage over other anglers since you know exactly where to go.

Last, try asking those other anglers that you know are landing those nice size bass. Ask what they find works best and if any particular area is more productive than the next. I'm sure you'll find more than a few friendly people willing to share the knowledge.

Good Luck and let us know when you start catching them!

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