White Bass Fishing Techniques That Produce Solid Results

Gotta Love That Spring Run

People are always searching for the best bass fishing techniques and it's no different when you're going after White Bass.

If you're looking for some great fishing to do around the beginning of Spring, fishing for White Bass is one of the best, especially if you are looking to take the kiddos out.

During the spring time your chances of having a great fishing day are really good when going after these feisty fish with the correct white bass fishing techniques.

Spring time means spawn time for sandbass. They will make their way up rivers and creeks to lay eggs. They look for rocky or gravel filled bottoms to lay eggs with moving water. These are the areas to target.

White Bass Fishing Summer, Fall and Winter

In early morning and late evening, the key is to find that school of white bass that will usually be feeding on bait fish that they have pushed to the surface. They don't usually stick to cover but rather travel in packs. So when you start to get those bites, it would be wise to get your line back in the water.

During the day and in the hotter months, you will want to look right off ledges of points and especially lake humps.

See how to fish roadbeds for white bass.

One important thing to be aware of is that the White Bass are easily spooked. So when casting, you don't want to be tossing your line right into the spot you believe that school of fish is. Rather you want to cast beyond and then use a slow to medium retrieval when reeling in, at the point you are entering the school. As soon as you feel you are about to be past the school of sandies, go to a fast retrieval.

For the deeper sandies, jigging is the way to go once you find them on those ledges and humps. Try varying speeds until you find what they are going for.

I usually use the casting method with jigheads and grub tails. Using the correct techniques, most get the White Bass to strike right before the line is completely reeled in. I know that is when I hook most of mine, just as I am going fast and thinking I got to try again, bam, I get that hit and pull him in.

The video talks about Kansas fishing but it really applies to any area


Our favorite spot

We do most of our Sand Bass fishing off the Clear Fork of the Trinity River on the outskirts of the west side of Fort Worth. From one side of the bank I cast to the other side and then slowly reel in using my jighead setup. I'll try in a spot for a few using different lures then move on until I get my bite which usually means more to be found in that area.

If I am using minnows, then I'll toss the line just beyond the midpoint of the river and let it set for a few minutes before trying another spot until I find that sweet spot. And man when you find it, boy is it sweet.

We hope that you will be able to use some of these white bass fishing techniques to help your fishing day be as productive as we have come to know. Go back to our White Bass page for more great info. There is even a spot to share your tips.

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