White Bass Lures and Gear to Get You Catching Major Fish

We have put some suggested white bass lures and gear together for you from Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas.

Listed below is a couple of affordable options to get you going on catching your limit and a nicer more complete package that will give you a little more options. Take a look, get an idea of what you may need, mix and match if you like, just hurry and get it going. There's a slew of white bass waiting to be caught!

As you look at this white bass catching gear some of them will contain more options than what is showing when you click on the link.

Here are the suggestions for what you need.

  • Rod - Light/Medium Power, 6 - 7 foot rod (my prefernce is right in the middle at 6.5)
  • Reel - Needs to hold at least 4 pound test and doesn't really need to go over 8 pound test.
  • Line - 4 to 6 pound test go to 8 if you are fishing where there are a lot of garbage that will be rubbing against your line.
  • Lures - As discussed in our white bass lures page, grubs are the ticket. 2 inches seems to be the best size but don't be afraid to use smaller rooster tails or roadrunner lures. And definitley don't be afraid to go a little bigger. Those will need to be attached to some jig heads which should be around 1/8 ounce.

These are some great white bass fishing packages for those ready to get out without having to drop some major cash to get into some major white bass.

More White Bass Lures and Gear

You will use the lipless crankbaits in the flats that are going into the creeks. Use the Chrome Shad or Blue Chrome in 1/4 ounce. Both options under the Rat-L-Trap cranks below.

Use the Bomber spoons when the spawn is done and the white bass are found over humps and near points.

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