White Bass Lures and Gear to Get You Catching Your Limit

By: Raul Rodriguez

We have put some suggested white bass lures and gear together for you from Amazon.com. First, a couple of pointers from my experience as it relates to bank fishing for white bass and hiking along creeks and wooded trails; 

1. Travel light. If you are just targeting these fish all you need is some essential gear and your white bass lures.

2. Make sure you have plenty of lures and your reel is pretty full of line. You will get snagged throughout the day and have to replace lures.

white bass fishing lures

White bass rods, reels and lures

Listed below is a couple of affordable options to get you going on catching your limit and a nicer more complete package that will give you a little more options. Take a look, get an idea of what you may need, mix and match if you like, just hurry and get it going. There's a slew of white bass waiting to be caught!

Here are the suggestions for what you need.

Rod - Light/Medium Power, 6 - 7 foot rod (my preference is right in the middle at 6.5)

  • The Shimano Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod is a nice, inexpensive way to get started. It packs easily and will get the job done.
  • If you want something that on the higher end that is a little more of a custom fit, Cadence Spinning Rods offer a variety of sizes and actions are are still easily priced for a nice piece of equipment. Check out the ratings on this one.

Reel - Needs to hold at least 4 pound test and doesn't really need to go over 8 pound test.

  • I have a few Pflueger reels and I like them a lot. This one is a little more on the pricey end but its not ridiculously expensive and I believe you will like it. Check out the highly rated  Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel. The 30 size is what I use although you could go down into the 25 or 20 and use 4 pound test.
  • At 4.5 stars with 2000+ rating, the KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels will no doubt pull them in (and last longer than a Walmart reel) at a price you can't beat.

Line - 4 to 6 pound test will do (make sure your reel is compatible) go to 8 if you are fishing where there are a lot of garbage that will be rubbing against your line.

  • This one is simple, just get you some quality 4-8 pound test. Don't go generic here but no need for super expensive line. I get a spool of 8lb Trilene Monofilament at the start of spring and it usually last the whole spawn run.


  • As discussed in our white bass lures page, grubs are the ticket. 2 inches seems to be the best size but don't be afraid to use smaller rooster tails or roadrunner lures. And definitely don't be afraid to go a little bigger. Those will need to be attached to some jig heads which should be around 1/8 ounce.

More White Bass Lures and Gear

You will use the lipless crankbaits in the flats that are going into the creeks. Use the Chrome Shad or Blue Chrome in 1/4 ounce. Both options are just as good if not better than the jigs mentioned above when you have to move to the open lake.

Use the Bomber spoons when the spawn is done and the white bass are found over humps and near points.

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