by Tom Geer
(Millbury, MA USA)

It's not always about the largest bass.
This story goes back to the early 1980's when I was just beginning to teach my 4 year old son, Tommy to bass fish. We were at Cypress Lake in Benton, LA just north of Shreveport. The smaller (1-2 lbs.) bass were schooling at the surface that morning and I tied a floating wooden popper onto Tommy's line and helped him to cast into a small school.
As the picture indicates, he caught two nice little bass on a single cast - one on each set of treble hooks! He's 32 now and still an avid bass fisherman. I believe that it was that day that "hooked" him for life (pun intended).

Teach a child to fish today...

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Go Tommy!
by: Tony Corbitt

Hey, see if you can get grown up Tommy to post some of his current catches. Great story. Thanks for sharing!

That's what I'm talking about..
by: Anonymous

Great point on that one Tom. Get them off the video games and take outdoors for a bit. Thanks for sharing.

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