This one on the 1st cast...

by Dustin McComas
(Council Bluffs, IA)

June 20th, 2010..It was a rainy stormy day out, we're talking lighting and thundering people, the whole deal here. Me and my buddy Nick were bummed due to the fact we thought our fishing day was blown. I am the one that finally grew a pair and said lets go buy some cheap poncho's, so we did..We decided to head out to Lake Folsom out by Glenwood Ia. It’s a fairly decent size piece of water that has good largemouth if you can get past them damn gar. It’s pretty tough to get out there to the good weed beds and cool tails without a little bass buggy though. So we arrived around 10 in the morning at the boat ramp, got the prowler in the water and last but not least, put the good ole poncho's on! I slowly trolled us over by the coontails popping out in the shallows on the northside of lake. For this situation i rigged up a 7inch Berkley power bait pumpkin seed worm Texas rigged style. I also had luck using Carolina rigs and pitching a shaky head set up around fallen structure. The magic happened on the first cast believe it or b.s, this bass hit my lure like a deer smoking your truck going 60 on the highway, it was a blast catching this Monster. The hawg weighed in at 6.lbs 9.oz at the local bait shops scale. I have the beautiful vertebrae wrapped in plastic in the freezer waiting to have it mounted above my mantle.
Get out there and get your lines wet and good luck to ya'll!

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Chubby Bass
by: Tony Corbitt

That is probably the fattest bass I have ever seen. He looks like he swallowed a softball. Nice catch dude.

Nice Hawg!!!!!
by: R. Rodriguez

Great catch, Dustin! Worth the getting out in the rain for this one. Thanks for sharing!

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