Texas Rigged Bass

by R. Rodriguez
(Fort Worth, TX)

Largemouth bass on texas rigged worm

Largemouth bass on texas rigged worm

Caught this 14 inch, 2 pound Largemouth on a Texas rigged 10" Berkley Powerbait Power worm in watermelon.

Worm was rigged on a red 3/0 offset worm hook with a 1/4 ounce worm sinker using a palomar knot.

I was using a baitcast reel with 12 pound Spiderwire XXX super mono.

He was about 2 feet from the shore in approx 3 foot of water in a pocket right behind the grass and under that branch in the pic.

I had seen some action in the area so I tossed my line in there. As soon as I did, the bass took it on the fall.

Details on the conditions:

Water Clarity: Stained
Water Temp: 71 degrees
Air Temp: 86 degrees
Time: 6:40 PM

Berkley PowerBait Original Power Worm - 7" - 10 Pack - Pumpkinseed - Softbaits

SpiderWire Super Mono EZ Monofilament Fishing Line - Low Vis Green - 12 lb. - Terminal Tackle

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