Spring Bass Fishing

What is the best lure to use during Spring for bass fishing?

Wow...that is a wide open question, but thank you for visiting our site!

Personally, when fishing in clear lakes, quarries and decent size ponds where there are rocks I prefer to use a Zoom 10" watermelon plastic worm---they just tear it up!

You can't always beat live bait (Canadian nightcrawlers, etc) but I almost always have success with the watermelon worm. I've used lots of other colors, scented and unscented. I've seen largemouth bass come right up to Gulp bait and just turn away from it.

Hope that helps...I dont know what location you are fishing in so the response is as good as I could provide based on my personal experience.

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Mar 27, 2012
bass tip
by: brandon

well i perfer using the super frog with the weedless hooking system and thrownin around weeds and logs and when a big bass sturs up the water u can take the frog and throw it a few feet behind where they rooled the water and let it sit on bottem and jerk it a few times and then they will tear it up real quick its hard sometimes to get the frog behind them

Jan 24, 2012
Springtime Bass Fishing
by: Anonymous

I have caught many Bass in the spring of the year with live bait such as nightcrawlers. Fish the worms weightless and on an open spool. I also will fish worms under a bobber.
I think the most important consideration is not the bait but the location you fish! The water temperature is cooler in the spring and the fish will travel to shallower areas to search for food. In early spring, the sun direction will have a more warming effect on the northwestern portion of any lake causing this water to warm drawing the bait fish followed by larger predator fish.
My favorite lures to use this time of the year are suspending jerk baits such as Rapala Husky Jerks or Smithwick jerk baits. I also like to use smaller jig and pig combos mostly in black and blue colors.

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