Memorial Day Bass Fishing

by Raul R
(Fort Worth)

Went to this fishing pond for the first time on Memorial Day. The wife and kids had to go to work and school as a make up day for the winter days missed.
Anyway I had heard that the small lake held some nice bass and was a good place to go for some bass fishing.
I got there about 10AM and started with a white spinner bait. After about 10 cast, I got a hit. A nice pull on the rod and the thrashing in the water was exciting.
As I got the fish to the shore it made one last jump which resulted in its close yet so far.
After a few more cast, I switched to a dropshot rig with a wacky rigged worm. That's when this one hit and I got it in. It gave a nice fight and gave me that much more confidence in the wacky rig. Make sure you check out our rigging videos to see how this works.
Anyway a nice day of fishing on a beautiful day.

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