Look at this bass

by Ziggy
(Trinity Tx )

9 years old I lost my dad and brother to auto accidents I have a love for all thing in and around the water! My mom is over this site.

Raul @ bassfishingsource.com:
Wow. What a beast! Give us some more details. What did you use to catch that pig? How did it feel? Was it hard to get it out of the water? Did you weigh it? We want to know more.

It's not often people catch a nice bass like this one. It looks like you pulled it out of the gunk which is even nicer. I'm willing to bet some sort of jig maybe? Or a Texas rigged worm? I'm going to also guess its at least a 5 pound bass. Either way, again, nice job on catching that big bass Ziggy. Keep it up!
Sorry to hear about your dad and brother. Stay strong and keep doing what you love. I'm sure thats what they would want for you. And always thank your mom for the things she does.
Thanks for sharing.

Great job!

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