I'm catching only small bass out of my 7 acre lake!

by Mike E
(Hattiesburg, MS)

With the exception of a bass I hooked and lost in early June I estimated would have been 6 lbs minnimum, I have been catching bass between 9 and 12 inches in length. The pond seems not to have any catfish and the bluegill and shell-crackers are very abundant. I catch a few minnows also. The water is very clear with weeds growing in the shallow areas only.

Hi Mike,

Forgive me for answering with questions of my own but hopefully we'll hit on something that may help you.

Do you know the structure of your pond? Hopefully you've been able to identify any underwater structure and other changes in the underwater environment. This is where you'll want to be targeting. For a lake or pond with minimal structure the most subtle changes in scenery such as a transition from gravel to a sandy bottom is enough to attact bass. How about any drop-offs or areas that provide shade at the time of day you are fishing.

If you are not sure of the structure or feel that there may not be enough structure you can always add or create your own. This can be as simple as adding some pieces of timber or brush piles. Then mark them on your map so you always know where to go.

The other thing I would ask is what lures or bait are you using? As you stated, you are having some success, just not of the desired size. Have you tried increasing the size of your lure or bait? Up-Size it and see what happens. You may catch less bass but the ones you do land may be bigger.

Just some of my thoughts. Hope this opens up some ideas for you and good luck!


P.S. When you do land that big one make sure you come back and show us!

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