First peacock bass

by Kyle
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

I was out fishing for bass at this spot that is good for largemouth and peacock bass. I was fishing with plastic worms and spotted this bass that had to be at least 4 and a half or 5 pounds.

After messing with him, I started fishing on a bridge. My dad was next to me and already caught two peacocks. I tried the worm with no luck so I switched to live minnows.

I kept a weight about 4 inches above the hook. As soon as my line went complete slack, a peacock bass swam by fast, picked it up and my rod was bent before i could set the hook. It stole my hook and weight! I was mad I set my pole up the same way then a peacock swam took it.

It swam a couple inches to where the line was not completely tight, so as it was swimming I thought I would let him swim to where the rod was completely tight. He manage to steal my minnow.

I put another minnow on. I kept my line tight this time since I was determined to catch this peacock bass. Then all of a sudden I felt this huge tug on my pole! I thought to myself this cannot be a peacock that hit my pole like this.

So I lifted my rod a little and felt how heavy it was so I set the hook and the fight was better than the one with my biggest largemouth bass which was 3 pounds.

When i got it up showed my mom and dad my first peacock bass but the bad thing was he swallowed half my hook so he died during the process of taking the hook out so we took him home and ate him.

He was a good 2 pounder and now I cant wait to go back which to what always have been my favorite fishing spot

Now tomorrow I'm going to try to catch the elusive snook.

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Way to go!
by: R. Rodriguez

Great story Kyle. Just wish you would have shown us a pic but oh well at least you got your first one and it sounds like it was one to remember.
Thanks for sharing!

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