Family trip to Corpus Christi

Taking the fishing from fresh to saltwater for a change

Corpus Sunrise

I love bass fishing but anytime there is a chance to get out to the coast for some saltwater action I'm all in. The family and I recently got away for a weekend at Corpus Christi.

Beach fishing Corpus Christi

We had a blast. We found a simple little place on the beach. We did the obvious swimming at the beach and hitting up the gift shops. Ate and had some drinks a restaurant on the beach. 

We managed to get some surf fishing in while the kids were swimming and hooked up with a couple of hard head catfish. But the real fun came at night. We drove a little  bit to a spot under a bridge. 

At first it was slow but a guy and his family were occupying most of the space. When his wife and daughter left for a snack run, he asked if we wanted to take over a spot his son was at and we accepted. 

I'm sure after he saw what happened next he kind of kicked himself. We went on a fish catching run with my wife getting the most hook ups. She caught red drum after red drum. She also caught a flounder.

My daughter managed a few reds of her own and me, well I caught one unidentified, lively fish and one red. Go figue. I'm just glad they had a great time fishing.

The Road Trip

Toyota Highlander outdoors

The road trip to and from itself was a sight seeing adventure. It takes about 6 hours from Fort Worth. We took the back country roads and made a couple stops. We were able to use a Toyota Highlander for our trip. This ride was loaded and made for a very comfortable ride for all 6 of us and all the things we packed.

It's a sharp looking ride and took us all over the place, even on the beach with no problems. One of the biggest pluses was the gas mileage. Being a Hybrid vehicle really helped with the trip budget. Great vehicle from Toyota.

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