by David
(Los Angeles, CA)

I would like to know what colors to throw on sunny days and cloudy days and colors to throw in clear, stained, and muddy water.

Hi David,

The simplest way to put it is in clear conditions you want to go as natural looking as possible. So one should focus on natural shades of brown, green etc.

The thought is being that the conditions make your lure easy to see you don't want to present something that looks to unnatural. Not that you won't get a strike, I know I've thrown some bright color combos in clear water and they produced but your chances will probably be better with the natural colors.

This means that in low visibility situations is where you'll want your brighter colors. Chartreuse and Fire Tiger combos come to mind.
This will help the bass notice your presentation and hopefully get you more strikes.

I've also heard that black lures do well in low vis situations but particularly at night. The lure appears as a silhouette and actually makes it easier to see in those dark situations. Haven't tried that one myself but definitely something to look into.

Hope this helps. Lets see if others will share their thoughts on the subject.

Thanks for stopping by.

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