Best Way To Tell White Bass From Hybrid Striped Bass

by Roy
(Harrison, AR)

Whites vs hybrid striper

Whites vs hybrid striper

What is the easiest way to tell a white bass from a hybrid striper?

Hi Roy,

I have attached a picture for reference. The big one you see there is the Hybrid the others are whites.
There are a couple of things you can look at to tell pretty quickly whether you have a white or hybrid.

  1. Size - Adult Hybids are bigger than adult whites. Hybrids grow from 15 - 20 inches long. Whites typically get between 10 - 12 inches long.

  2. Stripes - Once you've established the size verify with the stripes. A hybrid's stripes are more visible and pronounced. You can really see the difference in the picture.

Hope this helps.

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