Striped Bass - Tips For Catching The Best Game Fish Around.

For the most part the Striped bass' natural habitat is in the salt water and it spends most of its life in the ocean. But this bass is able to migrate between fresh and salt waters and does come into the fresh water streams and rivers that flow into the ocean to spawn during the spring time.

They are most common along the Atlantic coastline as far south as the Gulf of Mexico, with major spawning areas in the northern states. The ocean is where you will typically find the larger variety of this fish. With the potential to grow longer than 6 feet in length and over 120 pounds, I could only imagine what it would be like to catch one that big!

There are certain areas of the country where you can find stripers in land locked lakes and other bodies of water but most of these are stocked from hatcheries. There are very few freshwater bodies where they are able to successfully spawn and live, Lake Texoma being one of them on my side of the map and Lake Marion in South Carolina being another great place just to name a couple.

Stripers are actually my favorite of all the species covered on this site. I may be a little biased as one of my family's great traditions is camping and fishing out at Lake Texoma where these bass are plentiful, even from the bank. We'll just stake some holders into the ground, cast our lines and before you know we're reeling in some nice size fighters.

Bank Fishing At Texoma

Lures and Bait

More often than not, whether you are in depths of the ocean or when your fishing from the shore, I have found that nothing beats live bait for a consistent bite.

But choose the right lure and you’ll be in for one heck of ride. There are some great traditional lures for this fish that will work great. From top water poppers to big road runner jigs. See what other striped bass lures will have these fish hitting your hooks like a truck.

The Techniques That Work

You can never learn enough when it comes to finding out what works best to land these potential "giants". From trolling for stripers to still fishing, arm yourself with knowledge and learn what striper fishing techniques work for you.

After you’ve caught your cooler full, check out some striped bass recipes or even contribute your favorite for our visitors to try.

What do striped bass migration patterns have to do with all this?

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James Allen Texoma Guide

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