The 5 Worst Things You Can Do While Bass Fishing

Steer clear of these so you don't look like a bass fishing noob!

Bass Fishing Rules

The bass fishing community is very helpful and fun to be around. Any time you're around people that share the same interest you get the feeling of community and camaraderie.

But there are some things that you should know about to make sure you don't get off on the wrong foot or "rock anyone's boat". These "rules" aren't written anywhere. They are just learned. We'll call it bass fishing etiquette.

Check this list out and let me know if you've ever mistakenly broke any of these unwritten rules.

Fishing Too Close

Don’t crowd someone’s space. Its an unwritten rule that you should not be casting near someone else.

What is the Buffer zone? is going to establish that as 50 yards. That’s half a football field. If you have to question if you are too close you probably are.

Clogging Up The Boat Ramp

Taking your sweet time launching or putting up your boat will get you some sideways looks real quick. Have your boat ready to launch before you hit the ramp. Plug in, trim up, pump primed, hit the ramp and go.

For those loading up, don’t tie up the ramp messing with your gear, shooting the bull and getting everything perfect. Get the boat on the trailer, clean, straighten, unload gear and strap down somewhere out of the way! 

*A side note on this subject. To you experienced boaters. Listen we have all been there. No one was born knowing how to backup a trailer and launch a boat, although there are some that act like it. It does take practice. For those guys and gals, take your time and be safe. And those trailer backing, boat launching experts, instead of criticizing help out.

Messing Up Other Angler's Fishing Spot

On the subject of boating, watch your surroundings. Obey no wake zones and show courtesy for your fellow anglers by doing what you can to control your wake when passing by.

There are few things more frustrating than focusing on working a lure in a spot you've marked fish on, only to be nearly knocked out of your boat by someone speeding by causing a 3 foot swell ramming into your boat.

In other words, slow down. 

Your Fish Story

Going onto Facebook, Twitter or your favorite forum and telling everyone about the hawg you caught but not posting a pic.

Me, myself, I don’t even care. Great for you and I enjoy reading the stories. But there are those that do.

With no pic, all you do is get people riled up with comments such as “If you ain't got a pic then it didn't happen.”

Everyone's got a phone these days and all of them have camera's. Snap a pic with a point of reference or better yet take one with the fish on a scale or being measured. That'll lend solid proof to your once in a lifetime story.

Showing a Cooler Full of Dead Bass

And no matter what you do, never-ever, never, ever ever post pics of the 25 bass you and your 4 buddies caught at the local fishing hole. That is unless you are ready to unleash a tirade of hate spewing comments from holier than thou conservationist.

And NO, IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT IT IS A LEGAL BAG LIMIT! The self appointed game wardens of Facebook and forums will chew your backside off and make you feel like you are the scum of the earth. Consider yourself warned.

*On that note, If your catch is illegal I’ll be the first one taking a screenshot and sending to the appropriate people but I don’t hold anything against a legal limit. I really believe some of that is driven by fish envy. My perference is catch and release. But I have no issues with people that legally take fish. Each state is different so make sure you know your limits before you head out.

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