The World Record Largemouth Bass - Can You Catch The Next One?

Many of us wonder or even dream of what it would be like to catch a world record largemouth bass. To have your name permanently etched in history. To be brought up in conversations that the best anglers have with each other. To know you came, you saw and you conquered.

This is feat not easily accomplished. I mean look at the greatest anglers of our time. As great as he is Kevin Van Dam has never caught the biggest bass ever recorded. Denny Brauer? How about Bill Dance? Nope and nope. Not taking away anything from these pros just showing how hard it is to be the one to have that distinction.

For 77 years George Perry held the honor as the person who caught the world record. Seventy seven years! That's over 3/4 of a century folks. George caught his prize bass in Georgia on Montgomery Lake in 1932. The beast weighed in at 22 pounds 4 ounces.

In 2009 Manabu Kurita of Japan caught a hawg that would have his name right besides George as the holders of the world record largemouth bass. Manabu was fishing one of the oldest lakes in Japan, Lake Biwa. Outfitted with a bait casting reel equipped with 25 pound test, he tossed a live Bluegill near a bridge piling and BAM; history books meet Manabu Kurita!

After some stringent verification which included a lie detector test, Manabu's bass was listed in the IGFA's record books along with George Perry's both at 22lbs 4oz.

Now, sure, maybe there some luck involved in catching a bass like that but why can't that luck be with you! Learn, learn as much as you can about bass fishing. Hey you're already in one of the best sources for bass fishing information so continue on. You stand just a good a chance as the next guy who is as prepared as you are.

Good luck!

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