White Bass Lures

by Corbin

What are some good white bass lures so i can catch a lot of white bass?

Hey Corbin,

I myself have had a ton of success with a simple grub attached to a 1/8 - 1/16 jig head.

This has yielded me the most white bass. White being the color for the grub and either red, chartreuse or white for the jig head.

Roadrunners have also been very good to me when going after white bass.

After that live minnows are the ticket if you just want to throw your line in and relax a bit while you wait for that bite. Small to medium in size.

Hope that helps a bit. Check the White bass page for more info.

Have a great one and good luck.

P.S. Come back and let us know how you do or if you find something better that works for you.

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