When is it too hot for Bass Fishing?

by James Rock
(Massachusetts )

When the hot summer days are here, when is the best time for bass fishing?

Hey James,

Great Question.

I'm not sure if any one time is better than the other during any season for bass fishing. It's more about adjusting how and where you're fishing. Bass already like darker, shadier areas naturally to hide out in and ambush prey. The bright sun shining through the water will give them less of this cover. So this coupled with the heat from a hot summer day will drive bass deeper into the water or into heavier cover. This should actually make things a little easier for you as it narrows down the areas you should target.

Using a dropshot rig or bouncing a jig around a dropoff or tossing a Texas rigged worm into some vegetation may prove successful for you.

Now based on that if you're bank fishing then you're probably limited to the early mornings, late evenings and into the night. This is the best chance you have of those bass hiding out from the sun, coming closer to the surface therefore closer to the bank.

Hopefully some of our visitors will chime in with their tips.

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