Whats the best size rod to use for bass fishing?

by floyd robinson
(pittburgh pa usa)

I do most of my fishing in a river. What is the best size rod to use for bass? I use a baitcast reel.

Hi Floyd,

The most common rod size for baitcasters is 6'6" and 7 foot. The general consensus over recent years is longer is better as this helps you cast further and put less effort into hitting your target. But really it depends on your fishing situation and then personal preference.

If you say most of your fishing is in a river I am thinking you have to deal with a lot of obstacles such as over hanging tress and just overall tight spots in an area that doesn't offer as much fishing ground as a lake.

This being the case I would think you may want a shorter rod to maneuver around those obstacles. 6 1/2 feet should be the max but you may want to go with 6 foot in your situation.

Other than that makes sure you get a good quality, sensitive rod.

Thanks for your question, hope this helps.

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