What spinning reel to use for pan fish to saltwater speckeled trout?

by WorldHobo

I will be going to Texas on a camping/fishing trip.

I was wondering what spinning reel would be good to fish for small pan fish to saltwater speckled trout?

I Have fished charter offshore 5 years , including inshore. I searched for a spinning reel to easily switch from one line size to another, thus multiple spools.

Finding the right size spinning reel was the trick. After much reading I think the Lews Spinning reel with two spools will be the answer, the 400 series looks like the one.

Hey WorldHobo!

Well first I hope you enjoy your stay in our fine state. There is definitely good fishing all around, both fresh and saltwater.

I personally don't have any experience with Lews reels unfortunately. I did look up the one I thought you were talking about and believe it to be the one in the link above. Looks and sounds like a great reel. The only thing I want to point out that I hope you noticed is that the spare spool is a shallow spool. It is designed for braid so be ware of this and how it may affect your plan if you want to use mono or fluro on that spool.

I included a Daiwa that I came across. I haven't tried this one in particular but Daiwa's in general have been good to me. This one comes with a spare spool that is normal size. Check it out if you like.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck when you come out to Texas. I'm sure you'll have a great time.


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Mar 26, 2013
No Prob
by: R. Rodriguez

Glad I could help. Those sound like some great places.

Would love to see any pics of your trip. Good Luck!

Mar 22, 2013
Luckily you put me back to work, thank you.
by: WorldHobo

I will now go check this one out. You may have changed my plans. The only braided line I am used to using was off shore, in the mid 70s. The Hobo is ex-pat from Texas coast. Old Ambassador 5000 inshore fisherman. Mainly will read new fish regs and size,limits etc on the flight over. Mustang Island, South Padre, Colorado Bend, Pedernales, Galveston Big Drum fishing in channel then Angelina. Thank you mucho Sir. WorldHobo, photos in about a month. 3 week camping fishing.

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