What is the best gear ratio for peacock bass.

by Brad R.

Q. I am going peacock bass fishing soon. I am confused on gear ratio for the best way to not wear my self out. What is the best gear ratio for my fishing reel when fishing for these guys?

A. Typically gear ratios are taken into account more for the technique you are using with a particular lure but in the case of how much of a fight Peacock bass can put it up, in particular the large ones, you are right on track with taking this into consideration.

My suggestion would be that you want more torque/power when reeling a heavy fighter. This comes with a lower gear ratio reel.

Abu Garcia makes a couple as low as 5.4:1. I wouldn't go more than 6.2:1.

Here are some at Bass Pro Shops.

Somewhere in that range should do the job for you when you hook up with your lunker.

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