The Weekend Warrior's Bass Fishing Handbook

A time saving guide for the busy bass angler.

In this e-book you will learn how to plan your future bass fishing trips to make the most efficient use of your precious fishing time.

No one can guarantee that any lure, technique, video or book is going to get you catching more bass. There are just too many variables to consider. So if anyone does make this guarantee, you should run the other way. Therefore I will not guarantee you will land a boat load bass if you buy this book.

What I will guarantee is if you apply the tips, techniques and processes outlined in this book you will make the most efficient use of all the resources available to you. Equipment, gear, lures and information. When you have a plan in each of these areas it maximizes your number one resource...valuable, precious, hard earned time.

Maximizing your time and having a plan/process will keep you focused, have you cover more water and in turn increase your chance of finding a pattern and catching bass which is the ultimate goal.

Topics Covered:

  • Maps and tools for research before your trip
  • Check list - Ensuring you are prepared to quickly handle any situations that look to thwart your day on the water.
  • How to identify potential hotspots before you hit the water
  • Time saving fishing rigs
  • The techniques for covering as much water as possible in the least amount of time
  • The signs that you should move on to the next spot or the next lure
  • What to look for at the lake to make quick lure and technique decisions

Who this book is for:

  • Anglers with some experience in fishing and a way to get on the water, be it a boat, kayak or raft. You’ve been fishing before, know what a bass looks like and have some knowledge of of the lures used in bass fishing.
  • Men and women with limited time on their hands to enjoy a day of bass fishing
  • The people with full time jobs spending 8 - 12 hours a day working their butt off but wishing they were fishing the whole time and only have a day or two off a week.
  • Or the full time student who manages to get away from the books for a few hours and wants to have a productive bass fishing day.
  • Anglers that want to cut to the chase and know what lures and techniques are going to give them the best chance of catching and not just fishing
  • The guys who’s honey-do list is is never ending and are granted a one day kitchen pass after finishing at least one project.

Who this book is not for:

  • The professional tournament angler who has won Elite series and FLW events. You already got it figured out and probably fish every day. (We’ll wait for your book to come out and buy that one.)
  • The stubborn angler set in his or her ways and not gonna change.
  • The person that doesn’t like to plan anything and lives by the seat of his pants wondering where all the time and resources went.
  • The bank/shore angler. We’re working on something for you but this one is geared more towards boat anglers. Stay tuned though.

So if you are ready to add some structure to your fishing in order to maximize your chances of not just fishing but actually catching bass, then don't pass this up.

The price of this E-book is regularly $21 but for a limited time we are giving this valuable resource to you for the price of a couple of fancy crankbaits...

Get it now for only $14
And there is absolutely no risk because it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

If this book does not help you plan better, get better organized and help you fish a body of water with a more confident approach, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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