Using a Fish Finder

by Shawn
(St Louis)

Q. When using a cheap fish finder, how do I know if the images of fish on the screen are actually fish and of what species?

A. That is a really good question. My first fish finder was a $80 Garmin. Its the one I still use.

Each fish finder will vary on how it displays fish in some form or fashion. But what I have learned is what you are looking for is arches. The bigger the better.

The only way you are going to learn what type of fish they are is to catch them and learn how your sonar displays that fish. It comes down to learning your electronics.

Subscribe to our newsletter because I am actually working on getting a better fish finder and will tell our visitors about it and the differences as I enter into more of a mid-level setup. From what I understand if you really want to distinguish different structures, cover and fish, then color is the way to go. I am eying a Lowrance unit right now so hopefully it works out well.

Stay tuned for more info.

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