Unbelievable Underwater Bass Strikes

Have you ever wondered what really happens underwater when a bass strikes your lure? It's truly a site to see largemouth bass in their natural habitat responding to the forage and your lures. 

I stumbled across this video on Facebook. Check it out and we'll breakdown some things you can actually learn from this video to improve your bass fishing.

Their Surroundings

I can't be sure if this footage was taken in the largemouth bass's natural habitat of some lake or if they're in a aquarium, which is likely, but either way notice all the vegetation in the area. In a few of the shots the bass seem to just shoot our of nowhere and pulvarize their victim. This validates the actions of those anglers that love fishing in the grassy cover. 

In this case you'd probably be better off going with a Texas Rig worm or weedless jig. Although most of these bass seem to be hitting a crankbait or jerkbait.

Forage Size

If you ever wonder if the lure you're using might be too big...uh did you see at about 2:35 of the video the size of the bait fish that the opportunistic bass with a hefty appetite is trying to swallow?!?!?

Just goes to show you what you may be able to use to land your next lunker. Ten inch jerkbait for a double digit bass? Quite possibly.

Action...or lack thereof

One thing that kind of caught my eye was the action of the prey. As in there wasn't much when talking about the live bait fish. We see a few times that they are swimming kind of erratically and running scared but most look like they are just enjoying a Sunday stroll right before they get smashed by the lunker largemouth in plain site.

Don't know what to think about that but I will still work my cranks and jerkbaits like they fear for their life. It does seem to work.

There is some good stuff in this video. Always aim to learn something from anything you see or read. There is so much out there. 

Hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did.

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