Tips On Trolling Speed For Stripers

By: Daniel Eggertsen

You may have heard of some bass fishing techniques that will help you to be flexible when you are out on the lake. If you have then the likelihood is that trolling is one of them. Trolling is an incredibly popular method you can use in freshwater and saltwater bass fishing but has been reported to offer greater benefits for bass fishing enthusiasts that use it when fishing for striped bass.

It also works when fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, white and sea bass as well but tends to work better for stripers for a number of reasons, which we will go into shortly.

Trolling is effectively fishing by dragging a lure or bait of your choice behind a boat, which should of course be moving. You do not have to troll just one bait or lure behind the boat but can choose a wide variety of baits and have them at various depths as well.

This is the beauty of trolling. It actually spoils the bass for choice and increases the chance of you getting a bite. Of course, you cannot troll for bass when in limited water areas so it has to be on larger lakes and seas. When trolling for stripers, you of course have to also be aware of the nature of stripers. For example, you have to be aware of the fact that they are incredibly lively and will bite relatively easily if the baits and lures you use are correct. They will also put a lot of energy into escaping as well so be aware that you must be vigilant and reel your catch in as soon as possible after it bites.

However, one of the elements of trolling for stripers that bass fishing enthusiasts often get wrong is the speed of the boat itself. Trolling speed need not be difficult at all providing that you do your homework. Make sure you know what to do by following all of the tips below and you will definitely have a measure of success with this method of bass fishing!

The optimum speed when trolling for stripers is between 1 and 2 knots. As such, it is quite a brisk speed but not too fast. Going this speed will not scare the stripers off or disturb the natural environment, which is why many people going that speed will indeed attract the stripers. Start off at this speed every single time to make sure that you can get a good idea of how the fishing action is going to go that day. Only then should you make the decision to slow the boat or speed it up a touchNever go above 3 knots when trolling for stripers no matter how much you might want to. A speed that is any higher than that will disturb the natural habitat, which will not earn you popularity from others on a lake! It will scare off the bass and really hinder your chances of getting a decent catch rate.

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