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Give the bass something they haven't seen before

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Preorders ended on 09/30. Sorry you missed out on this release but go ahead and click the link and sign up to be notified for the next release.

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Sometimes you got to change it up to get the bass to bite. Sometimes the same ole, same ole just doesn't cut it. 

But that doesn't mean you have to get away from your favorite lure and throw something you are just not confident in!

That's the thought behind my new line of spinnerbaits that was launched last month. 

The Triple Threatz Spinnerbaits let you fish the most popular lure when it comes to bass fishing, but allows you to change the game while using something you are confident in. The 3rd blade adds a distinct look and just a touch more flash that will get a basses attention.

Preorder your Triple Threatz Spinnerbaits now!

Only available through preorder...and only through

A fresh batch ready for their new homes.

Each of these lures is handmade and only available by preorder through using the Gumroad secure selling site. These are small batch lures, and the styles, colors and sizes may or may not be available again. In other words, if you see something you like, get in on it when it is offered because I may not make that style again.

This month we are introducing 2 New Colors to the line up...Firetiger and Black & Blue. I only know that they are available this month but cannot guarantee future availability.

Preorder your Triple Threatz Spinnerbaits now!

Previous releases...

I want to thank everyone that purchased these spinnerbaits during last 2 releases.

You guys are hardcore! And you ordered just in time to get the last batches of Chartreuse and White.

Don from NC emailed me and shared the pic below of the bass he caught on his first cast of his Triple Threatz Spinnerbaits.

Jeremy in Texas also put his Triple Threatz to the test and proved the produce!

Don from North Carolina with his Triple Threatz catch on the first cast!
Jeremy putting his Triple Threatz to the test in Texas
About to put it to work
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