Territorial Bass

by Patrick
(New Baltimore, MI)

Q. Are bass territorial or do they relocate a lot in order to eat baitfish, etc.
I ask this question because I have caught the same largemouth bass using 3 different methods,in the last week, on Lake Saint Clair, MI

Thank you, Patrick

A. Hi Patrick. The answer is yes and yes.

Bass do relocate and will do so several times during the day and one of the main reasons is for exactly what you stated. They follow the bait.

I am not sure if you are saying you have caught the exact same bass 3 different times, if so how can you tell, or if your are just saying that you have caught 3 bass from that spot.

So as stated above they will move but what you may have come across is their pattern for the current season. Knowing this pattern is key to finding and catching bass. You're fishing the right spot be it a deep water point or an old creek bed or other form of structure.

They may not be in that exact same spot every time but whatever techniques you are using may be calling them out from surrounding areas.

Be aware that the pattern will change as the temps change with the season. Then you'll really see them move out to other areas.

Thanks for your question.

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