Summer bass fishing. NOT CATCHING FISH NEED HELP?!

by Christian
(Virginia, US, Falls Church.)

Q. Hi, Well it's summer again down here in Virginia. I went fishing today didn't get a single bite! I really need help, It was supposed to rain but it didn't it was 90 degrees outside, And at 8 I used a buzz bait, White.

Nothing, Then I used a spinner white with double Colorado. Nothing and last resorted to a crank bait but only caught a hybrid of something.

I really need help im going to an amazing fishing lake next weekend. The weather odds are supposed to be rainy before I go so muddy water and theres a lot of open water there, and sandy bottoms some downed trees and grass. Please help. give me a range of lures I can use im only 14 I have a tackle box with basic stuff some spinners, buzz, dropshots, crankbaits, spoons is about it maybe a popper.

A. Hi Christian, I saw you mention dropshot but didn't hear any mention of using plastics. When all else fails I turn to a Texas Rigged worm or weightless senko worm. Berkely Power Worms are great on a Texas rig. Also dragging these same plastics on a Carolina rig might be something to try.

How about jigs? Combine a grub or craw trailer with a swimming jig and see how that does for you. Or possibly a shaky head worm along some of those ledges and points.

Don't forget to change up retrieval speed and the speed as to how you work each lure to see what they might respond to.

As for colors for that lake you're headed to that may be muddy, that's the time to try those bright colored lures and other features that will tell those bass where the lure is. Rattles and single bladed Colorado blade spinner baits for maximum vibration will make sure your lure is noticed.

All else sounds like you are on the right track, referencing the other question you posted to the site also. You just need to find what they want and when you do, you'll set yourself up for some very good fishing days.

Hope you can take some ideas away from this and good luck!

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