Big Spring Time Bass Fishing

Spring time bass fishing is your best opportunity to land a true lunker. It's a great time of the year for us bass fanatics. The weather is warming up and whether your thing is sandbass, striped, smallmouth or the ever popular largemouth bass, they are all out there just waiting to be reeled in. 

Its been a slow start to the Spring season as we try to break free of Winter's grasp. Depending on what part of the country you're at will dictate what the bass are doing.

Here are some quick tidbits to keep in mind as you go in search of your trophy catch.

Where To Find Spring Bass

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First, before the spawn, the bass will stage right outside the shallow areas where they will eventually spawn. Start by checking the points right outside of coves and other flat, shallow rocky areas. Especially if there is structure near by such as creek beds, and humps.

Watch for any kind or breaks in the structure. Drops near potential spawning grounds can hold some lunkers waiting to strike.

When ready for the spawn, bass will start heading into those shallows to do their thing. Make sure you have a good pair of polarized sunglasses and start doing some sight fishing. This is the time that you can actually see bass on the beds and toss a lure right at them.

Keep in mind that bass aren't necessarily looking to feed at this point. Their mind is on one thing only. You need to present your bait as an intruder who threatens their nest. This is where the strikes will come from. Aggravated bass looking to strike anything that gets in their way.

Spring Time Bass Fishing Lures

During the pre-spawn when the bass are staging just outside the spawning area you can use pretty much any of the lures you are confident with. Swimbaits, crankbaits, jigs and soft plastics all have a chance of working. 

Once the bass are on the beds your soft plastics are the ticket. A weightless Texas rigged lizard or fluke is a popular choice. Or maybe a wacky rigged senko. Any of these should provoke a stike from a protective bass looking to keep intruders away.

Here's a great video on rigging a Zoom Super Fluke for bedding bass.

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