Sound and Bass

by Gregory Yount
(Westmonroe LA)

Q. Would a bass be drawn to sounds like from a dog whistle? I heard that sharks are.

A. Hi Gregory,

My immediate response is sure they are. As verified by the use of lures with rattles in them, like many crankbaits. The reason they use rattles is to attract bass from the distance and let them know your lure is there and hopefully get the strike. A rattle may even provoke a strike where a lure without one would get ignored.

At one of my local lakes I've heard of some anglers banging the side of their boat with a piece of wood to call up the Hybrid Stripers. I've heard it works but never seen or tried it for myself.

Based on this I would have to say that yes, bass are drawn to sound. Now whether or not a dog whistle specifically would work I am not so sure about that. But if sharks are tuned into the high pitch noise produced by one, then there may be a chance that bass are too, but then again maybe not. Doesn't hurt to try but if you don't see results, stick to the conventional rattles and the banging of egg sinkers against beads to attract their attention. We know this does work.

Thanks for your question and maybe others can offer up their ideas on the subject.


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