Shimano Fishing Reels - Curado 200G7 Review

Finally got my hands on probably the most popular of the Shimano Fishinge Reels, a Shimno Curado. You hear so much about these reels. I was anxious to try one out for myself and see if it actually made a difference or if I could even tell a difference from the more budget friendly baitcast reels out on the market.

First Impressions

The first thing you notice about anything is how it looks or its appearance. The Curado 200 G7 was a sleek looking reel, compact with sharp lines. It is a sort of dark, forest green. It has big over-sized grips on the handle that just look comfortable.

The Set Up

I had my Curado paired with an All Star Team Series Rod. It is the Carolina Rig model, a 7' Medium Heavy Rod rod that I really use for more than just Carolina Rigging. Its a good size and strength combo for many styles of bass fishing.
I had braid spooled up and tied on a lipless crankbait.


I headed out to my local lake and started casting and cranking. The first thing I noticed about the reel was the smooth casting. I am pretty new to using baitcasting reels. And if you've heard anything about baitcast reels you know they can be difficult to get used to casting, with the primary problem is backlashes.

I have had my fair share of backlashes and learning to pick through a birds nest. So one of the things that really made me take notice is the fact that the whole time I used the Curado, I never had a backlash, not one.

Now I'm not saying this reel is backlash proof but it did pretty dang good while I was using it. I was making use of 2 of the brakes on the reel so you're experience may vary depending on how you decide to set it up.

Speaking of the brakes, the VBS (Variable Brake System) system of the Shimano Curado is very simple and makes changing your setup a breeze. Just flip up the tab on the side, turn and you have quick access to the braking system, allowing you to customize your Curado to your liking.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this Shimano fishing reel is a little pricey. I know there are way more expensive reels out there but I'm on a budget here, as I'm sure most are, and the price of this reel really pushes it with an average of over $150 depending where you look. Some retailers have up to $200 with the lowest price I saw online coming in right around $130 before shipping and tax.

That being said I believe the Shimano Curado doesn't disappoint and I came away feeling like I got a very good reel for the price. It's smooth, light weight and comfortable. Its easy casting with great distance and easy to adjust to you're skill level with the Variable Braking System. There are a couple of models in the Shimano fishing reels line just below this one that are great reels too and easier on the wallet but if you do decide to go with the Curado I think you'll be happy with what you get.

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