Shaky head rigging options

by Josh Migues
(West Point, NY)

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I have been fishing the shaky head a lot lately. Most of the time I have been fishing with ZOOM trick worms/ finesse worms/u tail worms. I've been doing pretty good with them, but the other people in the tournaments are catching on. It seems like it isn't working as well anymore.

I'm thinking about using a 4 inch Berkley Havoc tube(crawfish colors) or a 4 inch Reaction Innovation sweet beaver(crawfish bait).

Does anybody have any input, advice, or experience that they are willing to share to help?

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Aug 30, 2013
Diversity Works Wonders!
by: Curt Snow

Definitely try a variety of different baits. Straight-tail finesse worms are what most anglers think of when they think of this method, but plenty of other baits will work this way too.

If conditions are tough, try smaller craw baits, like the 3 inch Salty B-Bug from Lure Parts Online. I've used them and they're fantastic (in both the 3 inch and the 4 inch size). And they cost much less than the brand name baits. My favorite color is Watermelon w/Red Flake ;)

Think outside the box and watch your lineup of shaky head baits grow!

Hope this helps!

Curt Snow

Aug 28, 2013
Leaving it to the experts
by: Raul

Hi Josh,

My shaky head experience is limited so I'm going to see if any of our visitors can answer your question better than I can.

I will say that it sounds like you're on the right track by looking to change it up a bit but I would go another step further if everyone is catching on and starting to use this presentation. Change to completely different technique and offer something that is not being used.

Just my thoughts. Hopefully we can get some answers from others.

Thanks for stopping by.

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