Selecting A Baitcast Reel

Q. I need to know what is the best gear ratio on a baitcast reel for throwing crankbaits and is there a certain brand thats the best for this situation?

Thanks for your input.

A. Hey Mike,

My recomendation is something above 6:1 gear ratio. You want a faster speed reel to take some of the work out of casting and and reeling in, but most of all to really bring that crankbait to life with minimal effort and fatigue on yourself.

The faster gear ratio will pull that crankbait easier, with better action and will get it deeper. For optimal performance make sure you go with a rod that is over 7 foot long also.

The Shimano Citica is a great premium reel at a good price and they have a gear ration of 6.3:1 which should work great for you.

Hope this helps. We'll see if anyone else has any suggestions.

Thanks for your question.


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