Peacock Bass in Panama

by Glenn Baxley
(Reno NV. USA)

Q. I'll be in Panama the 1st couple weeks of January. I have many lures used for Lahontan cutthroat trout 5-10 lbs. What would you suggest for Peacock bass?


A. I'll be honest with you Glenn, I know nothing about cutthroat trout so without you telling me, I'm not sure what lures you may have there. By the way these look like pretty awesome fish to catch.

I was surprised as I was looking them up tonight, to see that one site said that rainbow and brown trout offer a better fight. Not sure how accurate that is but they look like they put up a pretty good fight to me.

Now with those Peacock bass there is no doubt that you are up for a great battle when you get one hooked. Since I don't know what you have there I will tell you some of the most common Peacock lures are going to be stickbaits or jerkbaits, both topwater and suspending. You will be looking for a lure that is at least 5" long and upwards of 7".

There are also certain big jigs that will work well also.

Paul Reiss from Acute Angling shared some great suggestions with us during an interview we did with him on catching Peacock bass in the Amazon.
If you haven't checked it our make sure you read Amazon Peacock Bass Lures.

Some other sites to check out that specialize in Peacock lures so you can compare what you already have.

Dan's Hand Tied Flies FB Page

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