Mike Iaconelli's Top Pattern Fishing Tips

When one of the best in bass fishing shares his own pattern fishing techniques, you'd best sit and listen to every word he's got to say. Maybe even take a few notes! Wait that's what we're here for so just take a look at the video and we'll break down some of the key points Mike talks about after the clip. Enjoy.

Ok so did you get all that. I'm sure you picked up on a lot of things you can use the next time your on the hunt for bass. 

Here are some of the key points you need to be sure you didn't miss.

The Bassmaster glossary defines pattern fishing as the practice of targeting areas which share the exact set of water conditions such as depth, cover, structure, temperature, clarity, currents, etc., which have produced bass at similar locations all over the same body of water.

Searching For The Bass Pattern

Use a searching bait. Here he's pitching the scatter rap which is a great lure but the same can be done with a regular crank, spinnerbait, or swimming jig. He says it "searches" the area because it's so erratic. The idea would be the same if you use one of the other lures mentioned. You can cover a lot of water with these lures and find a bite to start identifying a pattern quickly.

The Winning Pattern

Find the pattern and wear it out. In the video Iaconelli has discovered that the bass are hanging out around boat ramps. To take the pattern a step further, wind blown boat ramps that have gravel in the area are best. There's your winning bass pattern!

Take notice of every condition. Wind, water temp, structure and cover. Once you get a few strikes, replicate those situations as you search for the bass pattern on your local lake.

A Lure Pattern???

The definition above talks about "areas" that share the same conditions. I'm going to add to that and say you can have lure patterns. It's especially evident in this video and Mike talks a lot about it.

It's obvious he is a true believer in "match the hatch" and you should be too. You can see how much research he does in determining what the bass are feeding on, from looking down their throat to feeling their stomach. Did you catch his tip about how the bass is hooked? Two hooks means they like what your offering and you are definitley on the right track. If you are barely hooking them or getting short strikes, change up your color or even your lure.

Combining The Fishing Pattern and Lure Pattern

Iaconelli mentions a modification he made to the lure. Adding a "Suspend Dot". Does this mean you need to add one of these to every lure you use because Mike is using one? No. He made this mod because of the conditions he's fishing in, paticularly the water temp due to the season he's fishing in. Light line and a suspend dot for a slower presentation to potentially lethargic and cautious bass. He's tuning his discovered lure pattern to the conditions, a part of the fishing pattern.

Excellent tips in a short video. We hope you get something out of it that will help you find those bass the next time you get out.

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