Line type for a newbie bass angler with baitcaster

by Nick
(Celina, Ohio)

Q. Never been big into bass fishing but want to give it a go.. Got an Abu ProMax combo and have no idea what type of line to use. Being inexperienced with bait casters. Any help appreciated!

A. Hey Nick,
Line is more about the conditions you are fishing in than it is about the type of reel you are using.

If you plan on punching some grass mats or fishing around a lot of "junk" that could beat up your line, then braid is probably what you would want to go with.

If you are fishing in clear water, a fluorocarbon line will be harder to see than any other line.

Monofilament provides good stretch and is an all around good line to use.

With all that said I think you find more people using braid on their baitcasters than any other line. If you want something a little less visible, you can tie on a florocarbon leader to get the job done.

Each line has it's own characteristics. Use what works for you and what will get the job done in your fishing conditions.

Check here for more on choosing the best fishing line.

Also check out How to Adjust Your Baitcast Reel. It could help you from getting frustrated and turning in the towel on that baitcaster.

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Jun 11, 2015
Water type
by: Nick

Lake I live on and all the lakes around are shallow muddy lakes. Some good lily pad spots but mostly brush, docks and rock/sea wall banks.

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