Hard To Catch Bass

by Jon

Hey guys i have a question for you, this has been driving me crazy.

I live close to a gravel pit where there are 2 ponds which have lots of fish including some monster bass in them. One pond is 28 feet at deepest spot and is located on the north side of the gravel pit. The other pond is on the south side of the gravel pit and is 40 feet deep. Both ponds have very clear water however the deeper pond on the south side has extremely clean water even clearer then the other pond.

Both ponds you can see the fish swimming around the edge and you can see groups of big bass moving around the edge.... however the mystery is we cant catch the bass on the south pond....which is deeper and has cleaner water. They will not bite on minnows crawlers softbaits or lures. Even when we ice fish there the fish on the north pond bite like crazy but the south pond is quiet and dead.

This has been driving me crazy and for several years has been a huge mystery to me and my friends. Some say its the crystal clear water some say its the deep water.... either way one thing is for sure they do not bite at the south Hpond. These bass have GOT to be hungry at some point sooner or later. How the heck do we get them to bite??? and when????

These ponds are several hundred feet from each other with railroad tracks splitting them. They are in no way connected to each other. Both have plenty of minnows frogs and other natural bait for them. Both ponds have big bass swimming in schools but nobody can catch one at the south pond with the clear water.

Please help with any tips thank you guys so much!

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Mar 21, 2015
Question open for answers
by: Raul

Hi Jon,

Sounds like a tough situation. My only advice would be to use lures that look as close to the natural forage that is in that pond. Same shape and color. Also use a line that will be hard to see. Fluorocarbon would be best.

We'll see if anyone else has anything on the subject.

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