Everything You Need To Know About Fishing The Texas Rig

The Texas rig has got to be the most widely used rig in bass fishing with soft plastic lures. It's easy to setup, easy to fish and just plain effective.

On top of those advantages to using a Texas rig for bass fishing, there is also the fact that you can use a variety of techniques from dragging to "jigging" to swimming and use it in all kinds of conditions.

This rig can be used with baitcasting outfits or spinning, although baitcasting carries the advantage of having a quicker response because of their gear ratios. But you can't beat the simplicity of a spinning reel. Either one will work just fine.

It's a good starting point for those just getting into bass fishing. Soft plastics are relatively cheap and come in a huge variety of styles and colors. This makes your presentation options nearly limitless when trying to "match the hatch".

I would suggest starting with worms. These are pretty much standard Texas rig lures and they almost always work. Whether you are working shallow grassy areas or casting to points or dropoffs. 

I could go on and on in great detail about bass fishing this versatile rig but somebody has already done that and done a pretty good job at it too. So I'll point you to Mike Cork's article below. Click on the informative graphic to see how he breaks down the Texas rig.

Source: Fix.com Blog

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