Fishing Standing Timber

by Jason
(Mounds, OK, USA)

One of the lakes that I visit is Dripping Springs Lake in Oklahoma. This lake is fed by a natural spring, and also has THOUSANDS of standing timber in 15-25 ft of water. My question is "Where is the best place to start, when your looking at what appears to be a thousand good spots??" and "What type of lure would you suggest for early spring fishing (Early March)??".

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Mar 14, 2011
Where to start...
by: R. Rodriguez

Hey Jason, I would first look for any isolated timber spots. There will be potential for a higher concentration of bass there with less places to take cover than a spot that has an abundance of timber. Once you eliminate these spots you can move on the spots with more timber.
If you can identify these isolated spots with other cover and structure such as vegetation, humps or creek bends those may be your best spots.
Look to the shady sides of the standing timber for the bass to be taking cover.
Also start at the outer edges and work your way into the timber. You don't want to spook any big bass getting them to flee by starting in the center and taking all other bass with them.
For lures stick to Texas rigged soft plastics as a starter. You'll be looking for a strike as the lure falls. If your water is clear you want something that falls fast. Murky water calls for a slower falling lure.
The next lure I would try are jigs and the same rule applies for the strikes as the lure falls.
Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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