Fishing Next To Cattails

by Brad Fontana
(Santee CA USA)

What types of lures would you use for fishing next to cattails with water 3-4 feet deep in murky water?

Hey Brad,

The first thing I would try is some top water and shallow running cranks and jerk baits.

In that shallow of water, if they are there, these should really get their attention and call them out.

The next thing I would go to is just flipping a jig around the area. Near an indent in the Cattails or where you can see some other vegetation or structure.

I am sure you already thought about this, but make sure you are using at least a 14 pound test, fluorocarbon or braided. Once you get one hooked be ready to get him to you quickly. The last thing you want is for him to head for those cattails and make a mess of your line.

We'll see if anyone else has any comments and suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Jun 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much the bass have really been giving me a hard time in this lake and I'm sure this will help!

Jun 02, 2012
Bass Fishing
by: Dillon Leslie

Very true!!!. Best advise to give. But also keep in your mind about using a spinnerbait too.

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