Fishing Fluke baits.

by Jim Gravely
(Athens GA)

Q. What is the best way to rig a Fluke bait with a weighted hook?

A. That really is a great way to fish a Fluke. It can be a little tricky to get that hook on one of those since that weight is so much wider and hard to work through the lure without damaging it.

It can be done the traditional way of hooking a soft plastic minnow bait with standard worm hook but you do risk tearing up your lure.

I like to get it started that way to make a pilot hole of sorts but then stop before I get to the weighted part of the hook.

I then take the hook out and work the eye of the hook from the exit hole and back up to its proper position for tying off.

You can then finish the rig as normal.

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