Fishing extremely heavy milfoil, tough bite!

Q. So I have a local pond is about 20 acres in size, pretty clear water down to about 4 feet, and then the milfoil gets so heavy you could walk on it.

The pond is about 8 to 12 ft deep. Currently in the post spawn, water temps in the 60s to 70s, air temp in the 90s. I'll catch a bass here and there on various lures at various times of the day but nothing consistent.
Tausendblatt im Sonnenschein | Milfoil in the Sunshine

I've tried worms, top water baits, spinners, and chatterbaits. The swim baits seem to get hung up right away and cranks are pretty much worthless due to the heavy weeds.

I know there's big bass in this pond cause the last one I landed was 5lbs 8oz. By far the biggest one I've caught. Been fishing this pond for 3 years now. I can't figure this pond out. I'll go days with no bites. I don't have a boat.

Any suggestions on how I can improve the number of bites would be much appreciated.

A. Great question, just wish I had a great answer for you. It sounds like you've tried most everything.

The only thing I would add is maybe try a dropshot rigged with a fluke or worm. Rig it where lies just above the milfoil in the shallower parts and work different areas to see if you can draw them out.

Have you tried trailers on your spinner and chatter baits? How about a swimming jig with a good paddle tail trailer?

Then again, if you have caught a few including a 5 pounder maybe you are doing just fine. I mean bass are anything but consistent but I do understand what you are saying.

I hope you find that pattern and if you do come back and let us know what worked.

Thanks for stopping by.

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