How to Use Your Fish Finder for Catching Bass

In this 21st century, bass fishing has become one of the most liked sports. The most definitive way to catch a huge bass is to fish them after dark or early in the morning when the sun is not out. This device is useful because it helps you catch more bass. Go through this guide on how to use your fish finder for catching bass.

Why Use a Fish Finder?

Are there pros of having a fish finder? Here are some of the major reasons why you should get yourself a fish finder when fishing.

  • To pinpoint the bait when it becomes challenging to find it on the surface. Routinely the bait hangs in the waterline, and the sounder can trace it. Having the fish finder will help you get the bait in a reliable location.
  • They feature the most advanced technology, and they use a GPS that shows you the vessel's spot as it moves on the water.
  • It increases your view of your surroundings. This means it can move in all directions, either right or left and also turns to show when there is plenty of the bass.
  • The fish finders can differentiate what's beneath the water body and huge rocks depending on the electrical signal's power that has bounced back.
  • They have the noise reduction feature that even apprehends the figures of first moving prey.
  • The fish finder contains a temperature gauge that helps you understand what the bass are doing in specific water temps, mainly in the spawning time.
  • The fish finders are weather friendly, and hence they can be used in any weather you name it! You can use them when it's raining when it's snowing, under-ice fishing. Lastly, you can use them in fast flowing rivers and lakes.

You will need to master and sharpen your fish-finding skills to be very effective at fish finding.  When you know how to use the fish finder, you will even catch more fish. Here are some basic things you will need to do to up your game!

Understand The Layout

A fish finder comes with a manual to understand more of it; you will need to read from the manual. Always read it before using it. Some steps are straightforward to understand and do them. 

Ensure that the fish finder is working in harmony with the Chart plotter. This allows the finder and the plotter to stay in continual communication.

Master How to Use a Fish Finder's User Interface

Just like other electronics contains a menu system or users' interface, so does a fish finder! This menu system permits you to use it. The latest units are patterned after a mobile phone making it easy to operate and even do the common basic tasks. 

With the fish finder manual's help, you will understand the basic tasks and how to implement them. Always read the manual. A point to note since, on this day, you can get either system comprising a touch screen or a pressing tactile button, it's advisable to use a button on a small boat since it can be hectic to manipulate a touch screen when in motion, bouncing and when rolling.

Select The Settings

When you have a fish finder and are not familiar with it, the greatest way to begin is by leaving all settings on auto. The automatic mode Is good since it establishes a great baseline. It is easier to adjust once you look at the screen. At this point, here are some factors you may need to adjust;

During the day, the screen brightness can use full brightness, but it has a con, causing blindness. At night you may consider reducing your light. You may try some units that contain night modes.

Range - You need to adjust the range whenever you want to either increase or reduce the medium of how far you can see and the number of details displayed on the screen. In this case, the size of your screen may be a limiting element. 

Zoom - It's handy to zoom either in or out in some particular parts of water as it devotes a big part of the screen to a more concentrated water area.

Sensitivity - when you increase the sensitivity, you will see more fish, and it will be more detailed.

Color pallets - while altering color pallets, this will depend on one's taste and preference.

Expound what you see on the screen

If not well understood, this one process could give bad results, so be very attentive here.  By eliminating this icon, you will use the fish finder, location of return, the shape of return, the color of return, and the size of the return.

Catch Fish

If you understand and interpret the information properly, this last process will be easy for you, just like drinking a water cup! Apply all tips and techniques about using a fish finder until you do it like a pro! I would advise you to go fishing as much as you can. 

By this, you will get familiar with the fish finder, and even you will get used to different weather conditions. Practice and more practice make perfect.


Fishing is becoming easier with utilization of latest technology. Almost every tool will aid in great fishing, and hence you will catch lots of fish. Having a fish finder, you will not stop aimlessly looking for a fish. 

Having a quality fish finder is crucial but you should also understand how it works. With time you will need to learn the basic steps of using a fish finder, and in just a matter of time, you will use it like a pro. Improve your fishing passion by learning how to use a fish finder for catching a bass or either doing it for fun.

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