Catching active and inactive bass on plastic worms

by Kyle
(Fort Lauderdale Florida)

An arsenal of plastic worms

An arsenal of plastic worms

Q. I live in Florida and just started fishing with plastic worms and i wanted to know what is a good way to rig your plastic worm to catch both active and inactive bass and how do you detect a bite?

A. Hey Kyle, I guess there's a couple of ways you could go here depending on the situation.

If you have successfully found fish and are confident they are in the area then you might want to give the dropshot rig a try.

If there are fish there, active or not, you will get some strikes with this rig. I use a senko style worm and wacky rig it on this rig.

Read more about the dropshot rig.

As for detecting the bite, its easy with this rig. A definite pull on the line usually right after a few nibbles and quick tugs.

Now if you haven't located the bass then you'll want use something that is going to cover a lot of area quickly so you can find them.

A good rig for this is going to be the carolina rig. Rigging one of these with a plastic worm is an effective way to get the bite.

Read more on the carolina rig.

The bite is more difficult to detect on this rig. Especially if a bass picks it up and heads towards you. This being the case, if you think you feel something, set the hook!

I hope this helps. Good luck Kyle!

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