Bass Fishing Stained Muddy Bottom Waters

by Tim
(Brunswick, Georgia)

What are the best lures and colors to use in brownish waters with muddy gray bottoms?
I just started fishing the Altamaha river in Brunswick, Georgia. and would like to know if any one has any suggestions


Hi Tim,

A great question but as for the best lure to use, hopefully some of our visitors can help out as I am not familiar with that area and do not know what the bass are doing this time of year.

If it's anything like Texas right now, spinner baits and crankbaits are currently doing real good in the small lakes and ponds. Also doing real well is plastic worms. I've been having good luck with 4 inch worms wacky rigged on a dropshot rig.

As for color, if you're dealing with the poor visibility of muddy, brown waters, this it the time to go with some of your bright colors, whether your fishing with cranks, spinners or worms. Chartreuse, Fire Tiger and other bright colors will help your lure come through in those muddy waters and grab the attention of those big bass.

Goodluck. Comeback and let us know how you do.

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